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In the hi-tech world, varied safety measures presently in use for defense against COVID-19 as PPE kits like masks, earplugs, gloves, guardrails, protecting glasses, and high visibility wear – are in use for an extended time. whereas these measures square measure still basic in minimizing risk, each company ought to currently begin to integrate IoT technologies to reinforce their application. These technologies assemble period of time analytics, machine learning, advanced sensors, and embedded systems, Digital Contact Tracing, IoT primarily based Smart wearable Devices Against Covid-19 to supply a variety of key functionalities.

Key Options of Our Solutions:

  • Automatic sonic Alerts to an hour for social distance norm violations for the employees.
  • Focus on your operations & productivity within the producing unit.
  • Prevent overcrowding & geofencing within the industrial plant location.
  • Generate historical reports for all violations and a listing of information of the repeat offenders amongst the employees.
  • Automatic contact tracing with historical knowledge for each employee.
  • Inactivity alerts just in case some employees come out the band/tag.
  • Physiological watching of all employees.

Our “SoloGuard” Solutions OR Wearable Devices

Overview About Smart Wearable Devices:

a wise wearable Wristband or Smart wearable against COVID-19 Badge offered by FaststreamTech will trace the historical knowledge of the employee and conjointly monitor the physiological state of any employee to observe whether or not he/she is COVID-19 positive or not.

  • Previous contact history within and out of doors the industrial plant is derived.
  • Data remains non-public to the client and not shared with any third
  • HR Person or Supervisor can get an instant notification if there's overcrowding in a very explicit space for example eating place, producing unit, overall workplace premises.
  • Geo-fences are set for isolated employees. If they cross the selected space, the Associate in the Nursing alert is distributed for an hour.

Physiological watching

The wearable devices technology is employed to observe a worker’s physiological condition in a period of time. smart wearable Technology IoT by Faststream Technologies IoT Smart Wearables Devices is active during this house, making Smart garments plain-woven from silver-metalized fibers that collect a variety of information regarding its user, as well as any inborn reflex or coughing condition and blood heat. different examples embody wristbands with bio-sensors to accurately live the respiratory rate and observe any quiet fever issue on the body.

Advantages of Our resolution in Smart wearable Devices Against Covid

  • We facilitate enforce social distancing in Associate in Nursing workplace, determine violators, forestall overcrowding within the geographic point space, say a cafeteria- each of that app-based solutions cannot do.
  • Most of the app-based solutions deem every worker keeping the GPS and Bluetooth on the least bit times on their phones, while not that it doesn’t work all, which can not be much possible.
  • Many workplaces don't permit the utilization of phones on the work floor, and other people may not carry phones all the time with them or keep them in pockets/purses which might severely degrade tracing performance victimization Associate in Nursing app-only resolution.
  • Data remains non-public to its company solely and isn't sent to third-party servers as within the case of “app-only” solutions.
  • Tags square measure reusable & are re-assigned to the other employee/user at any purpose.
  • Inactivity alerts if employees come out the tag/band- that helps to make sure 100 percent compliance.
  • Ensure secure operating surroundings with our connected employee resolution.
  • High Accuracy: Our tags use similar electronic modules that guarantee high accuracy compared to the usage of various smartphones from makers with varied accuracy once used for social distancing or tracing.
  • Accurate Location: App-based solutions will track folks on streets, except for indoor locations like offices /factories, such apps cannot tell you which of the floor the person visits and can not trace the trail inside the buildings as GPS coverage isn't reliable within buildings. Our resolution has elaborated floor & space level contact tracing.

Faststream helped one of the clients to design a next-generation Wearable Devices Solutions using IoT and AI that supports functions such as predictive maintenance, Compact design with Temperature, Humidity, Motion, and Vibration Sensors, GPS, and Physiological monitoring, feel free to Fill the & get solutions, we will reach as soon as possible: Fill Form

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